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Ordinary people set goals, successful people set detailed plans of actions. However, the average person will focus on dreaming,while the successful one.
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Motivated by the talents and kindness of their Malian friends, the couple issues micro loans and mini grants, funds community projects, and organizes best farming and business practices trainings for their former community to help them continue to thrive financially and improve their overall food security. Earlier this year Anurag Gupta, a year-old Indian immigrant, founded BE MORE , a nonprofit organization that uses research, storytelling and online social communities to bring change to the systems that perpetuate social inequity in America.

He has harbored a passion for resolving issues of international ethnic inequality for most of his life, but decided to focus his activist efforts domestically after his completing his law degree. Spearheading his own movement against systemic challenges rather than fighting them in the courtroom has allowed him to connect more deeply with others and find the sense of spiritual fulfillment he was looking for.

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Our job is to explain to people how this construct came to be, and how it's changed the world in how human beings relate to one another. When Chris Hooley showed his year-old daughter Kaylee a touching video about making the homeless smile last summer, he had no idea that she would feel so inspired to give back to those in need herself that she would create a full-fledged charitable organization.

Together, the father-daughter duo has spent the past 18 months hosting street events where they hand out food, water, clothing and toiletries to the homeless in Phoenix, Arizona, alongside their team of volunteers, and post videos of their outings on YouTube. With ReKindle , they hope to continue expanding their efforts to help the homeless across the country in the future. This is my path in life, and it took my year-old daughter to help me figure it out.

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Sometimes it takes going beyond the call of duty to help those who need it most. Deputy Andy Conner used to spend the majority of his time on duty patrolling one of Washington's most problematic highways for prostitution. However, when he grew tired of arresting young women, he decided to instead ask them why they wouldn't leave that lifestyle behind. He realized that many of them were not on the streets out of choice. He then set out to organize a community home for these girls, offering them counseling, a safe shelter and vocational training to give them the fresh start they needed.

He operates the Genesis Project , the name he gave to the organization, while maintaining his full-time role as a police officer -- telling any sex-trafficking woman he comes across that she now has a choice. These three Syracuse University students not only created a customizable way of giving to charity, but also leveraged our society's constant connection to social media networks to do so.

Inspired by the jar of pocket change on his desk, founder Ian Dickerson turned to his entrepreneurship class to find a way to put it to use. Centscere is an online platform that allows social media users to pick a charity to which they would like to donate, designate an amount of change they would like to give with each post, and make a difference through an activity they already engage in every day.

Cathy O'Grady has always been a person who's life mission was to bring a smile to the faces of complete strangers. But after her mother passed away 15 years ago from breast cancer, she felt the need to embody her mother's legacy of unbridled generosity and took her random acts of kindness to the next level. We may live in a world consumed by technology, but Lauren Billings never forgot that her favorite memories from childhood involved the great outdoors.

After moving to New York City and joining an outdoor adventure group, she realized just how many kids don't have the opportunity to experience nature the way she once did and made it her mission to change that. So I started reading about computer hardware, even enrolling for a short computer management course in to understand the basics of computer application.

How ordinary people like you, achieve extraordinary goals #249

That's the middle-class maxim I grew up with. Entrepreneurship was not even an option till my final year in IIT-Bombay chemical engineering , in After a few leading questions about my life's ambitions, to which I parroted my MNC dream, Shroff quipped, 'So that's all you want to do in life?

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I founded the company from my kitchen in , incorporated it in , and made it public in I did not rush to breathe life into my entrepreneurial dreams immediately after graduation. While at Milton, I actively started researching the domestic chemical market and interacted with various think tanks and knowledgeable friends. Everybody offered suggestions on what I could manufacture, but my own research showed that most of them were already being produced in the country. I did not want to be a me-too brand; I wanted to be a pioneer. This goal enabled me to explore, question, rethink and finally give shape to my idea.

Refuse To Be An Extraordinary Person Trapped In An Ordinary Life

No matter how much we relish our traditional unhealthy savouries, there is the nagging need to eat nutritious food. To cater to this growing awareness of eating healthy is MitaliKalra's year-old Mediterranean cafe, Crostini, tucked away in a corner of the Hauz Khas Village in south Delhi.

Though Crostini is the Italian word for 'toasted bread with toppings', the eatery offers much more.

The idea of starting her own cafe took root in When she returned to India in to work with KPMG, and then Deloitte, she was stumped by the lack of nutritious snacking options in and around her workplace in Gurgaon. While working abroad, I was exposed to healthier options. So I wondered why a takeaway or filler in India could not be healthy as well as delicious," says the year-old Kalra. By: Amit Kumar,ET Bureau It may take a moment to come up with a start-up idea, but it can take years to develop one into a feasible venture.

After acquiring a post graduate degree in regional planning from the MIT, US, in , Pastala returned to India and stumbled upon the name for her future venture. She was helping in the rehabilitation work at Latur, Maharashtra, after the devastating earthquake of , and worked in a makeshift office with a tin roof, which would become stifling.

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So, Pastala and her teammates took refuge in the shade of a mango tree, and she decided that if she ever started a venture, this is what she would call. You just have to be brave and do it.

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While some have scorned this as so much psychobabble, she asserts that her primary reason for writing is to point out some solutions for people's often snarled, complex lives. Calling herself an optimist, she maintains that novels should not be ''preachy,'' but that they should make a reader care about characters and ''be uplifting in a way. Point out the options. Already a subscriber? This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

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