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Mrs. Keppel and Her Daughter book. Read 24 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Alice Keppel, the married lover of Queen Victoria's el.
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Collection Gary Ames Collection. Publication London : HarperCollins, User reviews LibraryThing member Sarahursula. A middle-aged woman walks into a Parisian drawing room, eccentrically dressed, very good jewels and her face caked with makeup. She is rich, clever, nasty and cutting. She is Violet Trefusis and regularly laughed at and mocked by her fellow English expatriates. And yet as this brilliant book reveals Violet was the walking wounded from a love affair with Vita Sackville-West, an object more deserving of pity and sympathy and the victim of upper class hypocrisy and prejudice.

Vita is one of the most loathsome characters in this book. Yes she loved Violet but not enough to give up a life in England and elope with her to the continent.


She wanted it all: respect, country house, famous garden, literary success, husband unfaithful as often as she was , children and numerous affairs with men and women - she seduced Virginia Woolf and together they laughed at Violet behind her back. The price for Vita's 'happiness' was the sacrifice of Violet to her gorgon of a mother, the sleek and discreet Mrs Keppel Edward VII's mistress who bent her daughter to her will, married her off and sent her into exile.

Souhami is firmly in the Violet camp and this book is a testament to a woman who tried to live happily and honestly but was thwarted at every turn by her lover and family. It is one of the saddest books but thank heaven we live in modern times!

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I'd read Violet and Vita's letters to each other a few years ago, so I knew all the basics, but it was nice to get Mrs. Keppel's story as well. Violet and Vita always strike as so sad, because it's so much misery and heartbreak and emotional cruelness and desperation, all because they couldn't be together - both because society wouldn't recognize a lesbian couple, and because Vita couldn't bring herself to leave the safe haven of her husband and her home, no matter how much she loved Violet.

The power of society and overbearing mothers. Finishing it, I just kind of feel sad, because Vita really was Violet's once in a life time love, and she never really found anything to replace her, just kind of ended up becoming a parody of her mother and all of the values Violet had hated. Great Britain Kings and rulers Mistresses.

Great Britain Kings and rulers Paramours Biography. Keppel, Alice, Keppel, Alice, Family. Mistresses Great Britain Biography. Mothers and daughters Great Britain. Mothers and daughters Great Britain Biography. Novelists, English 20th century Family relationships.

Novelists, English Family relationships.

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Novelists, French 20th century Family relationships. She went for two days to Geneva with Harold and when back in Paris booked in with him at the Majestic Hotel. The reparation of their marriage is well documented. Violet and Denys began their honeymoon and married life.

Mrs Keppel and Her Daughter

Their schedule was to spend a week in Paris and then to go south to St Jean de Luz. Violet spent the Paris week crying in the Ritz.

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She told Denys he got on her nerves and mattered no more than a fly on the wall. Everything she said to him made him wince. She counted the number of cigarettes he smoked and they argued about money. He was devastated and at a loss to know what to do.

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He agreed that if Vita came on to St Jean de Luz, he would leave them together. But Vita went back to Long Barn to write her poems and to garden. In St Jean de Luz the newlyweds took separate rooms in the Golf Hotel and had frequent variations on the following conversation:. He teamed up with a Basque poacher and went off on mule back to into the mountains to shoot vultures. Alone in the hotel Violet got drunk and talked to the patron about Monte Carlo and being in love.

She bought Vita a stone for a ring. She asked Vita to wear only her ring and no other and to burn all letters she sent her. Some days four letters came from Vita. If only I knew the truth about you and H! At night Violet wrote to Vita:. When I think of other things all the blood rushes to my head and I can almost imagine… If ever anyone was adored and longed for it was you. In one letter Vita suggested meeting Violet in Italy. Fear of her mother not concern for Denys held Violet back. Mrs Keppel had rented a house for her daughter and son-in-law, Possingworth Manor in Uckfield, Sussex, the tenure of which began on 15 July.

Possingworth Manor was about twenty miles from Long Barn. Denys, still in the army, spent most of the week in London.

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Violet and Vita spent most of the week with each other. Gossip spread. Violet fought with her mother and pleaded to be released from her marriage. On 21 July she went to bed in tears after an extravagant row:. Denys, a month into marriage, also wanted a separation. His hopes for a workable relationship faded. He said if Violet went abroad with her he would sublet the house, that her parents would have nothing further to do with her and neither would he.

Moreover he was ill. He had what is now called post-traumatic stress disorder endured by many who survived the First World War. He also had symptoms of tuberculosis and needed nursing. He was advised to go to Brighton for the sea air. This was incoherent feeling, emotional disaster, passion wrecking everything in its path. It needed candid scrutiny, wise disinterested counsel, intervention to avoid more pain.

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And Mrs Keppel had another worry. Sonia wanted to marry. Lord and Lady Ashcombe lived at Denbies, Surrey, and were very rich. It mattered that he should marry well, fulfil the promise of his brothers, fly the family flag. The driveway to Denbies was long, the furniture late Victorian, the butler old.

Ladies wore gloves indoors and no one smoked in the drawing room or played cards on Sunday. Both the aristocracy and its double standards about love, marriage and homosexuality have turned out to be remarkably enduring…. Unnatural vices, acts of illicit passion, kings, mistresses, elopements, extravagant riches — this book has them all. A wonderful story, wonderfully told. Skip to content. Shortlisted for the Lambda Literary Award In St Jean de Luz the newlyweds took separate rooms in the Golf Hotel and had frequent variations on the following conversation: Denys: What are you thinking about?

Violet: Vita.