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As you teach, help people prepare for baptism and confirmation. Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior and Redeemer of the world? Our Heavenly Father shows mercy when He forgives us of our sins and helps.
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This is necessarily so. In the natural life of the soul, in the activity of my understanding and free will, I can trace from personal experience a steady development. I have to apply my mind to the acquisition of knowledge of any kind…. What holds true in the natural order, holds good in the supernatural.

Confirmation increases sanctifying grace in our souls. But if we are not applying our minds, as it were, we see our growth and development stunted. We need to cooperate with that grace so that we may get to that next stage. For some of us, we have grown rapidly in the spiritual life. So what do we now? We respond to that grace that is within us by going to confession if we need to, and resolving to grow in those degrees that Blessed Miriam mentioned. Nicholas is a twenty-something cradle Catholic who wears many hats, husband, father, tradesman, religious education catechist, liberal arts college graduate, et al.

Armor Prayer Confirming the Seal of the Holy Spirit, Litany & Re-consecration

His favorite saints include his patron St. Nicholas, St. Ignatius of Loyola, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John Mary Vianney and St. Athanasius of Alexandria.

Walkthrough of the Confirmation Rite

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Catechism of the Catholic Church - The sacrament of Confirmation

The Gracious Gift of Christ Confirmation is the sacrament that fortifies baptismal grace. We Can Do All Things We, on the other hand, live in the world and are able to interact with people that our shepherds are not able to. Unleash the Power of Confirmation Confirmation increases sanctifying grace in our souls. Embracing Confirmation Prep as a Challenge and an Opportunity. Mike Schmitz Podcast. Palm Sunday and Pentecost Sunday are two common times for this service.

However, some congregations confirm candidates whenever they are ready. A prayer is said for the candidate.

Growing beyond a self-centered spirituality

The minister lays hands on the candidate, names the candidate, pronounces a suitable text of Scripture, and imparts the benediction. Confirmation is a significant commitment for a young adolescent to make. Contemporary understandings of the development of human personality have provided a new lens of understanding faith.

Faith may be seen to develop in stages. Each stage of personality development has its appropriate faith expression. Early adolescence is a time for exploration and experimentation. That kind of commitment may be a more appropriate expression of faith for young adulthood.

The Key to Keeping the Faith After Confirmation

In either scenario, it is crucial to see confirmation as a step along the way, not as an end to growth in the understanding or practice of the faith. Confirmation is an empowering for the journey, not the destination. Continued participation in youth programs, church school, worship, retreats, and service to the community is expected.

How did confirmation originate? We are particularly interested in this fact which the passage makes plain: the fact that it was the Apostles—that is, the bishops—who did the confirming. Two of the Apostles, Peter and John, had to travel from Jerusalem to Samaria in order to give the sacrament of Confirmation to these new Christians. The bishop was the original minister of Confirmation. Ordinarily, the bishop still administers this sacrament so that there is a clear link to the first outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

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However bishops can also permit priests to administer this sacrament, and in practice this is often done. The essential part of the Confirmation rite is when the bishop or priest places his hand upon the head of each individual. Chrism is one of the three kinds of holy oil which a bishop blesses each year at his Mass on Holy Thursday. The other two kinds of holy oil are the oil of catechumens used in Baptism and the oil of the sick used in Anointing of the Sick. The holy oils, all of them, are composed of pure olive oil. From ancient times, olive oil has been looked upon as a strengthening substance; so much so that athletes were accustomed to bathe in olive oil before taking part in athletic contests.

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Besides the distinct and special blessing which each holy oil receives, chrism has another difference: balm has been mixed with it. Balm is a fragrant substance procured from the balsam tree. The cross which is traced upon the forehead of the person being confirmed is a powerful symbol if it is really understood and acted upon. If the answer is no, then it means that there is a lot of grace being wasted—the special grace of Confirmation. It is a grace which is available to me in abundance if I will but use it.

The Gospel of Christ and Doctrine of Christ

Its strengthening grace will enable me to overcome my human pettiness, my cowardice in the face of human opinion, my fearfulness of sacrifice. In Confirmation, the bishop or priest places his hand upon our head and calls down upon us the Holy Spirit Who can, if we will let Him, transform our lives. Without Baptism we cannot go to heaven. Without Confirmation we can get to heaven, but the going will be much rougher.